Saturday, September 29, 2012

EVERY BEAUTY Flexible Pedicure Pad

This is the best pedicure pad I have ever used! Nice and soft squishy & spongy. Not only can you use it wet or dry,but it's the softest foot buffer ever. I prefer to use it dry cause you can see all the dead skin cells coming off and how soft your feet feel after washing and rubbing in lotion. I prefer to use lotions specifically for feet. And in the shower you can use it with soap and water and get all kinds of sudsy, even use it on any other rough spots like elbows or knees. You can even use it with your favorite foot scrub for added benefit.Then instead of having a dirty brown looking sponge instead of a nice pretty pink one, all you gotta do is wash it out and let it dry! Or even better you can throw it in your dishwasher and it will be  disinfected! Ready for next use! Great Huh? I say Yeppers!! You can go here to find out more info here at Beauty Army's website or to purchase, and for 4.99 plus shipping it's a steal :D

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