Saturday, September 29, 2012

CellCeuticals biomedical skin treatments

This is one product I've been dying to review. I was sent PhotoDefense Color Radiance SPF 55+ in Medium and is a translucent color to blend in with your skin. It's their version of BB cream and is completely amazing. It's the first BB cream I've ever used and what a great way to start. I get a soft, radiant complexion that I have never had before.It left my skin feeling moisturized and hydrated and completely blemish free. It balances skin tone for a nice flawless finish and I feel like I can go in the sun and not worry about having a flare-up or getting burnt since I'm not supposed to be in the sun. The SPF is a must and a plus! I also feel that it's the type of product that I can put on, grab some lip gloss and get out the door because of the great color it gave me.  I highly recommend you get this great face product. For more information and where to buy please visit:
or on Twitter or @BeautyArmy's website. 

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