Sunday, August 4, 2013

“Dr. Scholl's® For Her High Heel Insoles”

I really don't have much I can say on these. I didnt get a chance to use them because of an ankle injury. I know they would have been nice to wear and they are super soft.

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics

So I was excited to get these in my #sunkissedvoxbox, but very disappointd when I actually tried them out. They dont fit my hair or my wrist. They are very pretty but sad I cant use them.
Photo taken at my grams house, lol.

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I received this product complimentary for testing and review purposes from Influenster

Olay Fresh Effects {BB Cream!}

This product helps me out in a snap. I love how easy it is to put on and I can reappy it thru out the day. Simple and easy to use. No more blotches and imperfections. It has 6 skin perfecting benefits:
1. refreshes
2. brightens
3. evens skintone
4. hydrates
5. smoothes
6. protects

You can find more info here about purchasing:
received Fresh Effects complimentary from Influenster

Monday, June 24, 2013

NAAT Brazilian Keratin Shampoo & Conditioner


Smooth shiny healthy hair is exactly what I was looking for when I signed up to review this product. They smell is very nice and mild, not to strong, not too weak. These products are very moisturizing and and reduce volume and frizz. As you can see in my before and after pictures, my hair greatly improved. I've tried "high end" products and I would prefer these to an expensive "brand".
The Moisturizing Shampoo: this is very nice and provides inredible suds, I like suds, they make me feel like my hair is actually being washed and I don't have to re-wash it. I also like the "squeak" it gives me when I rinse it out. The Deep Conditioner: very moisturizing and I'm able to use just the right amount, not alot, but not too little. It's got a nice creamy texture that I like, and like the shampoo, rinses out easily and clean leaving my hair soft. The Insentive Hair Mask: Amazing! I use it once a weak and just let it be til it's time to rinse it off..(usually 10-20 minutes). My hair is incredibly soft it's rediculous. It's a complete hair recovery system. I'm so glad I got to use this product as well. The line I was sent was also sent with a Serum Ultra Shine: Which seals the hair cucticles and leaves it ultra shiny and smooth. And Liquid Keratin Leave-In Reconstructor: No need to rinse out either. These are great to use with my hair dryer and a flatiron. It effectively penetrates the hair structure, realigning it and reducing hair volume. I have to say these products really worked for my hair. I would give them an A in score.

To learn more about this line and other nuNAAT products go to:

P.S. If you are the member of any blogger groups, please post/pass on that nuNAAT is looking for product reviewers. You can direct them to the form to fill out on our website Contact Us page, under the Blogger/Vlogger heading:

These products were sent to me for preview for evaluation and all opinions are my own.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Perky Jerky

I did what? I ate all the Perky Jerky? There's not enough to go around, get your own bag, ha! Oh-me-oh-man-oh-my! Well, let's see, it is the most moist,delicious,ultra premium jerky I have ever tasted! It doesnt get stuck in my teeth like other jerky's, and it doenst have a terrible aftertaste either. IT's a great source of protein and no preservatives or nitrates. It'll give you that great kick-in-butt to start your morning or help you keep going in the afternoon. Of the seven natural ingredients in it's marinade, Guarana is what helps make it tender.
The story? Two "jerks" accidentally spilled an energy drink into a pack of jerky and I turned out to be so good,and energy boosting, Perky Jerky was born. You can read their story here. I was kindly sent both the beef and turkey jerky to try. The beef: Oh this is so good! With a slighty, salty, sweet and pepper flavor, it's perfectly mild. Kids will love this. The turkey: I have to say I have never liked turkey jerky, this proved me wrong! Again ultra-moist and flavored just right,this one is sweeter than the beef jerky and has a richer cracked-pepper flavor, I love it! The color is slightly lighter too. Beween the both of them I honestly can't tell what flavor I like better, too hard to decide! There is six new flavors now also.
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The kind folks at Perky Jerky have also kindly let me do a giveaway of their delicious Jerky. The prize is: The giveaway winner will receive a 1.0oz beef or turkey caddy valued at $30. 

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These procucts were soley provied to me at no cost for the sole purpose of writing a review. All opinions are my own.

Friday, June 14, 2013


This is a great Olive Oil. very light and health conscience. You can fry it in chicken, use it in pasta, salads, You'll love the taste of this Olive Oil. .

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amarte' Skin Care

"Love yourself, Love your skin" Thats the motto for Amarte' Skincare. I used a few of the samlpes I was send and they are pretty wonderful. The exfoilationg powder rocks my socks off, it is so gentle yet effective, smoothing and exliherating. I used the Wonder Cream to work into the powder the gently rubbbed it in in circulular motions. Rinsed face off and and then used the Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam. Its so nice to have a refreshed face. I then used the BB cream go give me that soft perfect face. 
There is also Hydrolift Cream, Iconic Eye Cream, and  Auqa Veil Hydrator. Overall the Amarte feels really good on my skin I just wish I might have had a  little more of the Exfoilating Powder to work with. 
For more info on these prodcucts go to:
These were sent as sapmles for me to evaluate and all opinions are my own

Alki Organix

So feeding my face with food? C'mon all that goody orgainc nutrients that your supposed to have? That's when I found Alki Organix. I was sent wonderful samples of these to try, and boy was I surprised. So far I have only used 2 of the samples but they are fantastix. I started with the Manuka Honey Facial to cleanse and get out all the impurities in my skin. I let it set for a few moments and rubbed  it in circular motions then use a warm wash cloth to smooth it off. Already an incredible difference in the way my face felt, OH! and a little goes along way, so dont over do it. The honey in this just feels likes it peels off the impuritites. I't cleanse, exolitate, (and boy to I love my my exfoliators!), moitutrizes, renews and brightens all in one. The next one I used was the Kukui & Coffee balm. This has Hawaiian Kukui nut oil and & handcrafted Coffee Beans essential oils. I used this one addition to the Honey Facial because I thought I woule be a great combo with the exfoilatins and the coffee beans make my face just glow! I knew they'd be a perfect match. I have Delicious Skin, Chocloate Orange and Chocolate Mint to delve in to. Good thing they go along way to i have time to to use them plenty! I if you would like to know more about these procucts you can go to OR thier FaceBook page   

Like their motto says, drink plenty of water, your skin will love you for it!!

These samples were sent to me for evaluation and all opinions are  my own

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Addiction NV Cosmetics

Okay so I'm just gonna start off by saying the samples I was sent to review are fantastic! I love the colors and they are just perfect for spring/summer time. Let's see.... we'll start off with Baby's Butt, yep you heard it right, lol. It's an Age erasing face primer for your skin. I only used a little bit and it's defiantly a brillant start for a base for your makeup. Then we have Lip Habit lip glossifier in Sugar Daddy. That's going straight in my purse especially on a hot summer's day. I has a refreshing scent and not to mention the tingling feeling it has from the spearmint extract in it. I was also sent "addicting" Matte lip sticks,called "Kiss And Tell". My favorite of the bunch,eeeek! The first color is a beautiful creamy coral called Perfect Peck. I've been wanting a coral color for so long and now I have it, i love it! Then there's the most pretty pink in Frisky Feline. This is such a perfect everyday, bright, happy go lucky color. Then theres this...., the lipsticks are locked in place and pop in and out so they won't fall out! I love this feature! I've never seen a design like this, it's worth checking out. So my verdict? A+!!!! I've included pictures ( they are't the best sorry about that). And also links so you can checkout Addiction NV Cosmetics.
 I was given free samples of these products to evaluate and all opinions are my own.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

M3K Beauty   

Here's a small review of a new products line that I love called M3K Beauty. Frankly it, it makes me Barefaced & Fabulous. It's a rich foaming cleanser and toner. Then we have the night cream to keep help us get our beauty sleep on.
Now evervyone knows we tend to get neglect our beautiful hands. Whether it's from the enironment,jobs, stressed, even those darling kids of ours. What ever it may be, don't forget to apply this every night before bed, it feels wonderful and you can keep the jar right ar your bedside. The only product I didnt get to try is the Dirty Boy, what can I say, there are no men in my life! Should I go get the cat? Haha, j/k. So to sum it up, fabulous is the word!!