Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amarte' Skin Care

"Love yourself, Love your skin" Thats the motto for Amarte' Skincare. I used a few of the samlpes I was send and they are pretty wonderful. The exfoilationg powder rocks my socks off, it is so gentle yet effective, smoothing and exliherating. I used the Wonder Cream to work into the powder the gently rubbbed it in in circulular motions. Rinsed face off and and then used the Daily Wonder Cleansing Foam. Its so nice to have a refreshed face. I then used the BB cream go give me that soft perfect face. 
There is also Hydrolift Cream, Iconic Eye Cream, and  Auqa Veil Hydrator. Overall the Amarte feels really good on my skin I just wish I might have had a  little more of the Exfoilating Powder to work with. 
For more info on these prodcucts go to: https://www.facebook.com/amarteskincare?fref=ts
These were sent as sapmles for me to evaluate and all opinions are my own

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