Saturday, April 27, 2013

M3K Beauty   

Here's a small review of a new products line that I love called M3K Beauty. Frankly it, it makes me Barefaced & Fabulous. It's a rich foaming cleanser and toner. Then we have the night cream to keep help us get our beauty sleep on.
Now evervyone knows we tend to get neglect our beautiful hands. Whether it's from the enironment,jobs, stressed, even those darling kids of ours. What ever it may be, don't forget to apply this every night before bed, it feels wonderful and you can keep the jar right ar your bedside. The only product I didnt get to try is the Dirty Boy, what can I say, there are no men in my life! Should I go get the cat? Haha, j/k. So to sum it up, fabulous is the word!!

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